Legacy of the Light's Guardians is an action-adventure game set in the fantasy World of Naria.

Fadia, a young and courageous boy sets about protecting ‘Naria, his home village, from the Khazdaks who are trying to pollute their river... As the adventure unfolds, Fadia begins to discover where the Khazdaks have come from and why they have arrived. 

The game has recently been named Game of the Year in the 4th Computer Games Festival. French Game Connection nominated Parvaneh (Persian for ‘butterfly’). French festival is one of the most prestigious international game festivals and fairs. Parvaneh was also nominated for titles in Belgrade’s Casual Connect and US Game Connection events in 2014.

Berdedbird Studios has sold 85,000 copies of the game; with further 50,000 copies to be marketed this week.

Parvaneh has won many titles; notable among them are 7 Golden Gazelles of the Game of the Year, Best Adventure Action, Best Audio Effects, Best Design, Best Music, Best 3D Art, and Best Cinematic Achievement.